Coscuez in Colombia is among the world’s richest sources of high-quality emeralds, and FURA Gems is today the singular source of Coscuez roughs. The region is renowned for the exceptional colour, shape, size and natural brilliance of its crystals with “Life” which is the combination of quality or liveliness of emeralds’ Clarity, Transparency and Brilliancy.

FURA’s Coscuez emerald comes with a little of every (Colombian) mine in a range of hues, which is a unique feature of these deposits with well saturated slightly yellowish green to a strongly saturated, slightly bluish Green with a medium dark to very dark tone.

Colombia provides half the world’s emeralds by value, and nine-tenths of its gem-quality emeralds. Large Colombian emeralds are uncommon and highly sought-after. Our Coscuez mine produces large gems, and a few of truly iconic size, that will delight fine jewellers and serious buyers.